The horses in the 'ring' looked good,
But one, it looked the best!
It seemed so strong in body,
And also broad in chest.
This horse with even rhythym,
That had such balanced gait.
I thought "I must now buy this horse
Coz if I don't - too late"
I asked some stupid questions -
Enquired of his breed,
And though not knowing Morgans,
Was impressed by this steed.
His head was held so loftily,
His stance to me seemed great.
I felt, that I should own this horse,
Coz he - looked like a mate!
The day went on quite quickly,
The evening show did start,
That horse was in the arena -
He looked to me so smart!
I glanced upon his handler,
Then viewed this stately horse.
Again I questioned his breeding -
A Morgan horse of course.
I spoke with many people
About the horses shown.
I tried to check on all breed lines
But Morgans - were not known.
The evening show then finished,
Night dew became quite damp -
I watched the presentations,
And "my choice" was the Champ!
Now everyone's day was over,
The stables had been set,
For all of the competitors,
To check out with the vet.
I ambled through the stable barn,
Fifty horses there at rest.
But couldn't find my favorite -
The one I thought was best!
I headed off two miles to home,
Two easy miles to walk.
And three parts there I paused a sec -
I'd heard "somebody" talk.
I didn't know the accent,
And hadn't heard the tone,
But knew that there was "someone" there -
P'raps standing - just alone!
I walked four steps and then I stopped,
The murmur gave a chill,
Upon the back of my top spine,
And then - I heard the shrill.
I turned but there was nothing -
The same to left and right -
In front I could see nothing,
Except the frost of night!
The last half mile, seemed oh so long
To trek back to my home.
To make it fast my mind declared;
That it would simply roam.
Back to that large arena,
To see that gallant horse,
Who'd taken all the trophies,
A Morgan Horse of course!
As easy for him this time,
As it had been before -
Because he knew he was the best -
On this, our distant shore.
The homestead lights they glistened,
In shadows of the moon ,
I knew that my sweet solitude -
Would be with me quite soon.
But still there deep within my mind,
I heard a clip clop clack!
And just for half a second,
I paused - again looked back!
I shook and then I shivered,
The horse I'd thought so bright,
Had followed me to my house,
This quiet and darkened night!
So two miles back I trundled,
With Morgan Horse so sprite,
I knew, I'd have to travel -
Six miles this moonlit night.
Back to the "Championship" stalls we went,
No halter, rope or bit,
We walked beside each other -
This horse, was quite a "hit"!
He'd walked with me so closely,
Our step was so in time,
One couldn't hear that he was there,
Coz "his" step was "in mine"!
We entered that large stable block,
The horse gave me a wink,
And right at that last moment -
I had to stop and think!
I loved this horse, within myself,
"His" person so much bigger
Than all those in the stable block -
Coz he descends from "Figure".


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Brett Thompson ©1999
Blue Gum Morgan Horse Farm
South Australia
5th February, 99