To submit your farm and/or yourself as an Owner and/or Breeder of Sport Morgans for the Sport Morgan Website's Owner/Breeders List please include your Name, Farm Name (if applicable), Address, Phone #, Email Address and (if applicable) your Website Address. Also include a short statement of what you and/or your horses have done to promote the Sport Morgan in either/or Open Competition and promoting the Sport Morgan to the general public, and email to The committee will consider the inclusion of your listing based on this criteria.
Our goal is to have the Sport Morgan Owners and Breeders Page be a listing and resource of Owners and Breeders who are dedicated to Promoting the Sport Morgan in Open Competition and to the general public in a professional manner that will taken seriously by outsiders.
If you are approved for inclusion we ask that you include the Sport Morgan Logo (we will supply a gif of it to you) and a link back to our home page on your web site if you have a website.
At this point in time submissions are open only to the ONElist Sport Morgan list group.
The goal of the Sport Morgan Profile page is to feature a horse, farm or person who has gone out of their way to promote the Classic/Sport Morgan in Open Competition and/or to the general public. We also want to stress the importance of the Sport Morgan type as a good family horse. Obvious examples of this are any AMHA Sport Horse Award winners as well as AMHA Medallion Winners in the Open Competition Program, and Morgans receiving special awards from organizations such as USDF, USCTA, NRHA etc in any open competition discipline, english or western.
On the other hand are special morgans and folks out there working with handicapped riding programs with their Morgans, Mounted Police Forces throughout the country using Morgans, Morgans doing demonstrations at all breed shows like Equitana or Equine Affair, or dressage freestyle demonstrations like the National Western's "Dancing With Horses" Show for example. Or it could be your "family" Morgan taking care of the kids at any kind of show, or any type of activity that promotes the Sport Morgan such as introducing a breeding line to a University program or as simple as teaching young children the value of true horsemanship.
Also we know there are many of you out there in Open Competition maybe not winning but consistently showing- you're important too! As well as those who are showing and winning on a local scale vs. a national scale.
Then there are Breeders and Farms dedicated to promoting the Sport Morgan to the general public with Open Houses and other Public Events as well competing their horses- for example Whippoorwill Morgans Bi-Annual Open House.
Deceased persons and/or horses with historical importance are also a desirable story (like Royalton Ashline- this month's Profile feature)
We list these as just a small sample of ideas of what we think the Classic/Sport Morgan is all about and what we want to promote to the general public! So please consider these concepts to be rough ideas only!
The following are the guidelines for accepting submissions:
1. 3-5 photos of horse(s), farm or show performances (use the above for content ideas)- the important thing being the photos MUST be of a high quality and of a sharp focus (clean, groomed horses, good show shots, etc.) We need to look professional to be considered professional....This is one of the most important criteria that the pictures present a clean, well groomed photo as a picture is worth a thousand words plus!
2. An "article" of how you and/or your horses are promoting the Sport Morgan (see this month's Profile page or Equus' True Stories for ideas), career highlights if appropriate, etc. Short personal stories relating to the subject matter are acceptable. Text MUST be either emailed or sent on a floppy disk and saved in a word processing application such as Word, Word Perfect, etc.
3. A xerox of the horse'(s) pedigree (if applicable) or a list of lines of your horses if you are a breeder (if applicable). Offspring of stallion if appropriate.
4. Name, Farm Name (if applicable), address, phone #, email address, and website address (if you have one).
5. Farm logos are acceptable if of good clarity and reproducibility.
6. Either email or snail mail the above to Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with adequate postage if snail mailing. Snail mail address is Laurie Prindle, 1708 S. County Rd. 23, Berthoud, CO 80513. Phone is 303-678-0660.
At this point in time submissions are open only to the ONElist Sport Morgan list group.
If you wish to send your own scanned images either on floppy or by email they need to be uncompressed .jpg's (in Photoshop that means saving them at a "Quality" of 10 and select "Baseline Optimized"), 72 dpi resolution and a minimum size of 500 x 500 pixels, maximum size of 800 x 800 pixels.
We reserve the right to edit your text as we feel needed and/or appropriate, but we will send the edited version to you for your approval before posting.
We reserve the right to choose a submission based on special importance or pertinence - i.e a new AMHA Sport Horse Winner, or death of an important sport horse sire or dam, a special event showcasing Morgans or something that just touches our hearts the right way...
Submissions received from the first day to the last day of the month will be put in a random drawing for the next month. (ie- submissions received between Oct. 1 to Oct 31 will go in a drawing for the November "issue"of the Profile Page.) If you wish to have your submission eligible for future monthly drawings let us know how long you wish us to keep it in the "drawing". Snail mail submissions will be returned within 30 days after either being used or when you want them returned.
That's it! Just keep in mind these guidelines are to help you create amd submit a professional looking and sounding article for the Sport Morgan Profile Page! We are open to all sorts of articles that have their heart in promoting the Morgan in a professional manner to the general public. And keep on promoting those Classic/Sport Morgans!
The Volunteer Group at Sport Morgan
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