15.1 hands
Foaled 1987
Black/faint star.
AMHA #109292

FIVE crosses to FLYHAWK and TEN to LINSLEY in 8 generations.

FUNQUEST BLACK HAWK is the result of over 30 years of selective breeding by the late Stuart Hazard of Funquest Farm in Topeka, KS that continues to produce superb disposition, willingness, correct conformation, athletic ability, soundness, and longevity while preserving Morgan type. Recipient of AMHA Bronze Medallion in Open Competition Dressage (1994). Numerous wins Sport Horse in Hand, under saddle, over fences, and dressage in both breed and open competition. Sire of 7 foals; all with excellent disposition, conformation, and mature height greater than that of their dams. Frozen semen available through the services of Dr. John Hurtgen, Dallastown, PA.

HAWK MEADOW MORGANS is committed to promoting the Morgan horse as a sport horse extraordinaire!

Diana York
Hawk Meadow Morgans
314 Ziegler Road
Leesport, PA 19533-9402
Phone: 610-926-4561, Fax: 610-926-4527


Funquest Monarch Funquest Talstar Funquest Falcon
Star of Cornwall
Flyhawk's Fancy Flyhawk
Allan's Fancy L
Funquest Rapsody Funquest Falcon The Brown Falcon
Dot S Bell Ann
Star of Cornwall Flyhawk's Black Star
Cornwallis Pat

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