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JUBILEE KING 7570 (Penrod x Daisette) a chestnut foaled in 1927, bred by J.C. Brunk. How simple to write those words and how intimidating to try and begin this section of my series when so much has been written by so many folk more knowledgeable than I am! I would like to refer the reader to Classic Morgan Admirers Autumn 1989 Issue, Vol. 2. No.1 as a more complete reference and to The Morgan Horse, July 1984 Jubilee King Issue as well. Both referenced issues contain more in-depth information then I can present here. I will simply say Jubilee King has had, and does have a tremendous influence on Morgan breeding, that he was a Knox Morgan family member is icing on the cake to me. From 1931 to 1949 Jubilee King sired 84 registered get. I wrote the catalog of his get for the 1984 issue of TMH and really don't want to redo it here, but will instead go into the produce and get of some of Jubilee King's better known and lessor known get. I will say that in addition to J.C. Brunk who bred most of the Jubilee King get, Frances H. Bryant of Springfield, VT was a breeder of numerous of his get. Anna Ela, A.L. Spencer, Marion Keach, Keynith Knapp, F.H. Trumbull, F.O. Davis, Martha Van Buskirk and the U.S. Government Morgan Horse Farm all used him on their mares. Most of the Jubilee King get were chestnut in color, a few were bay, even fewer were black, one was a gold palomino, and one was gray. The reader will find ample detail of some Jubilee King get already discussed in other sections of this series,and indeed in this part as well. i.e. King De Jarnette. So we will begin with the 1933 chestnut stallion Juban 7855 out of Jeanne, bred by J.C. Brunk. Juban sired Judelle 05188 a chestnut out of Allana, and Parader 8102 chestnut out of Madonna - who bred on sired Ladybel X-07284, Mitsie Wells 07281, Supreme Girl 07433, Vevalee Allen X-07351, Tony Parader, Beth Allen, Hardy Dixie, Honey Child, Zetta Allen, Chocolate Queen 07282, Parader's Queen 06979, Easter Parade, Shell Allen 9807, Kilroy 9506, Lucky Allen 9808, Mack Parader 9806, and Ninnescah 9598. Easter Parade in turn sired Arizona 9657 and Royalayr 9789, and Glidden 9658 who in turn sired Glidden's Heir 10425. Easter Parade also sired : Gov. Comer 9656, Mountayr 9729, Lindie 9661, Nova Scotia 9660, Mister Morgan 9659, Idea 9654, Senator Taft 9655, Oklahoma 9653, Cissy Loftus 07130, Angel Kim 07131, High Step X 07304, Annie Sprat 07129, Nanayr 08053, Rosayr 08320. Juban also sired Polly Prim 05670 a chestnut out of Glenalla who was quite prolific. Polly Primm was the dam of Sugar Run Fox 11045 by Nugget - owned by John Junk of Mt. Sterling, Ohio, Nugget's Jubilee 10724 by Nugget, Justin Eagle 10116 by Nugget, Pixie Hawk 05882 by Flyhawk who bred on, Nugget's Pride 08652, Primm Lady 08913, Rogen 07990, Dan Patrick 12404, Nugget's Prince John 12122, Nugget's Jubilee Ann 09607, Polly's Dark Magic 09431, & Rebecca of Sugar Run 010900. Juban's sons also included Captain Red, Cotton's Hill's Choice, and Illawana Ruban. Captain red was known as a sire of both broodmares and sires. His get include Dolly Mae, Kathleen C., Man of Destiny, Illawana Peggy and Illawana Jean Ann, Illawana Don ( sire of Barbadon), Illawana Jerry - (sire of Ko-Chea 10993, Illawana Bay Belle 08317, Illawana Satin 08316, Jerry Be 11148, Jerrawana 11830, Jerrabelle 09188, Jubilee's Pride 09423, bred on siring Oatka Moro King and Oatka Wendee who also bred on; Kanestio Suzette 010530 & Merrily 09489 )- and Illawana Ben. Illawana Ben was the sire of Shane 11122, Captain Ben 11121, Kickapoo Chief 11259, Bonnie's Belle 081130, Bonnie's Ding Dong 08742, Bonnie Toot 08939, Dahabeal 09022, and Bonita Elsabrina 09406. Cotton Hill's Choice was the sire of another whole family. He sired Kenney's King Cotton 9927, Knox Dandy 9967, Major Cotton 10840, Jubilee Dinah 07082, Rex Major 9608, Teresa Choice 08264, Cotton Hill's Danny Boy 10657. Major Cotton sired Lady Cotton 09225, Major's Starlette 010556, Miss Cottopn 09434. Kenney's King Cotton was the sire of Windy Hill's Choice 11711, Ken-Ny's Spring Fantasy 08588, Ken-Ny's May Cotton 08277, Macanjo's Cotton Lass 08520, Macanjo's Merrylegs 08805, Mar Lo's Cotton Blossom 08514, Boney's Boy 12424, Cotton Eye Joe Geddes 10997- owned by Dr. Ruthven-, Ken-Ny's King 11644, Maple Ridge T.J. 12314, Viscount 12198, Cotton Starlet 09509 ( formerly Maple Ridge Starlet). Ethan's Jubilee , also by Cotton Hill's Choice, sired: Jubilee's Daisy, Jubilee Jody, Jubilee's Belle, Independence Jubilee, Missouri Chippee, Jubilee's Golden Lass, Missouri's Jubilee Queen, Missouri's Miss Jubilee and Missouri's Sugar. Independence Jubilee was the sire of Independence Sunilee, Jubilee's Starlight, Jubilee's Ace, Jubilee's Dolly, Jubilee's Pastime, Windmere Waltz Time, & Jubilee's Minute Man. Missouri Jubilee Queen was the dam of Cotton Prince, Silvertip Cotton, Astra Cotton, and Jubile Cotton. Cotton Eye Joe Geddes sired Dennis Geddes - a double Knox Morgan out of Morgana La Fey, Justin Geddes- also a double out of Ruthven's Beatrice Ann and his full brother Kerien B. Geddes, Morgana La Fey also produced Robin Geddes by Cotton Eye Joe Geddes. This should give some slight idea of the depth and breadth of Juban's family, it is by no means complete as a listing of them. Grenadier 9032, a chestnut foaled in 1944 by Jubilee King and out of Bunting, bred by Marion E. Keach of Putney, Vt was the sire of Bald Mt. Petite Ann 07661 - who in turn was the dam of Bald Mt. Stardust 08811. He also sired Townshend Fleetfoot a foundation mare for the Coman Farm in Ct. Jubilee King sired Jubilee's Victory 8773 out of Delight Marea, bred by Frances Bryant who went to Canada as a yearling and became one of the first Morgan stallions to sire Morgans in Canada.

RED VERMONT 8793 (Jubilee King x Daisy Knox )

Perhaps what makes Red Vermont so unique among the Jubilee King family is the fact his dam was an own daughter of Knox Morgan, while his sire was a grandson of Senator Knox - own son of Knox Morgan out of Senata. Not to mention the five crosses to Daniel Lambert Red Vermont carries on his sire side alone. Whatever the reason, Red Vermont, who was not as deep in body as Juzan, not as flashy as Juban, nor as tall as Ken Carmen was the most elegant of the Jubilee King sons, making a name for himself both on the east coast and the west as a successful show horse. He was an extremely smooth individual, chestnut with mixed tail, good wither, very upheaded with tiny ears and good eyes, strong muscular loin, nearly level croup and the image of a true Daniel Lambert horse. Were I to fault Red Vermont, it would have to be on his hind leg. To this writer's eye, he could have used more breadth of gaskin, and perhaps a touch more width of stifle though what he had was perfectly adequate and never created any weakness in the rear. As a sire, his daughters became prized broodmares on the west coast and currently their blood is highly prized and sought on the east coast. His sons quietly sired doing horses such as the cutting horse Dee Dee Chocolate by the Red Vermont son Homestake and also by Homestake - Casey Tibbs the stallion used by Irish Lane Farms. I will begin the listing of Red Vermont get with Sireson 9704 - himself a sire of note-, Mickey Vermont 10521 ( a double Jubilee King bred horse- being out of the McAllister daughter Mc Donna), C Breeze Vermont 9829, Adriann 06250, Domino Vermont 11179, Easter Vermont 9804, Fairland's Red Vermont 10932, Idaho Ace 9734, Janzu 10006, Red Windsor 8468, Lucky Vermont 9533, Morgan's Jubilee Vermont 10603, Ara Vermont 07023, Belle of Vermont 06513, Shron Vermont 06265, Cresta Blanca 08593, Sunny Vermont 8705, Dixie Vermont 07250, Bricktop 8592, Ester Vermont 08001, Fairland's Trixie 08943, Georgette Vermont 08005, Ginger Vermont 08004, Holly Vermont 08175, Jo-Ann Vermont 07662, Rosy Vermont 010414, Junzu Lady 07780, Mardy Vermont 07076, Penny Vermont 07721, Redonna Vermont 08933, Red Rascal 07992, Bonnie Heather 010351, Diana Vermont 09471, Verdonn Vermont 09154, Red Chief Girl 09621 ( foaled in 1957) Starlight Vermont 07321, Vicki Vermont 010377, Allen Vermont 8944, Victor Vermont 11827, Red Heather 09144 ( changed to Belle Heather 09144) and Belle of Vermont 06513. No doubt I have missed some of the Red Vermont get, but this listing is complete enough to give some idea of his success at stud. Easter Vermont bred on successfully, Sunny Vermont bred on, Domino Vermont sired Little Varagraph 11720, Shron Vermont produced Shasta Rose 08895, Tono Vermont 08981, Veto Vermont 11669, & Serena Vermont 010584. Georgette Vermont produced Keystone's George 12519 , Keystone's Georgiana 09912, & Keystone's Gorgeous 010288. Belle of Vermont produced Redwood 11682 and Eco Jubilo 13056 - sire of note for La Serena Morgans. Redonna Vermont produced Dapper Dolly 09773, Dapper Donna 010673 and Gay 09737. Starlight Vermont was the dam of Monte Vermont 11808 by Rex's Monte Major - who was a sire of quality.

Ginger Vermont produced Montey Vermont 11935. Bricktop was the sire of McFlashmont 11403, Jubblin 09114, Ranchita Brickspar 010402. Sireson was the sire of Major Monte 12157, Mazeppa Chief 11902, Sireson Kellogg 12025, Birdie Kay 010175, Debby Jo 010689, palomino No-Seris 010770 and Rain-EE Morgan 010771. The Neeley's of Idaho bred the first four listed of Sireson's get. Bonnie Heather produced the double Red Vermont bred Jubilee Jazz 17515 by Eco Jubilo. Jubilee Jazz is still standing at stud at La Serena Morgans. When bred to the Red Vermont daughter Dina Vermont 011511 these two produced Jubilee Rhythm (recently pictured in the Feb. 1994 TMH). Jubilee Rhythm is a triple Red Vermont stallion. At The Quietude Stud in West Virginia is Delilah Vermont daughter of Dina Vermont by Legend of Caven Glo, who is regularly producing good moving, striking foals . Little Varagraph bred on as did Verdonna Vermont. From J.C. Brunk's farm in Springfield, Illinois Red Vermont took his blood west and it has returned to the east. Truly his is a wide spread family, remarkably, the stallions of the line all bear a very strong resemblence to Red Vermont himself, even today they are easily identified as Red Vermont horses.

JUVINA 04974 (Jubilee King x Jeanne) foaled in 1933 , chestnut bred by J.C. Brunk was the dam of a number of get by Flyhawk including Flying Jubilee (included in another part of this series) and Dorset's Foxfire. Jeanne the dam of Juvina was by Knox Reade which made Juvina yet another successful double Knox Morgan breeding animal.

JANEE 05202 (Jubilee King x Golite) f. 1933, bay bred by J.C. Brunk was the dam of Sealect of Windcrest, Ledgewood Pecora, Ledgewood Cora Jane and Ledgewood Jancos. All by Pecos and listed in another part of this series.

KEN CARMEN 7815 (Jubilee King x Heroda) foaled in 1932, chestnut bred by J.C. Brunk. Ken Carmen stood at stud in Illinois, Michigan, California and Montana. The Mosher Brothers of Utah used him, as did Dr. Ina Richter of California, and J.C. Jackson in Montana. He produced for Dr. Richter the basis of her Kedron prefixed breeding program. Many of Ken Carmen's get have faded into obscurity, but the dark bay mare Illawana Bess 05276 has more than kept his line alive by being the granddam of Serenity Marchtime by Vigilmarch. Illawana Bess's daughter Triwana (Marchtime's dam) was known for her size and she came by it honestly in that Ken Carmen was one of Jubilee King's tallest sons. Triwana produced in addition Tas-tee's Colt 45 12181, Gay Sue 09757, Tas-tee's Gay Gal 010533. Ken Carmen also sired: Caytetana 07675, Carmenita 05683, Esterzine 08158, Carmela 06450, Felicity 07670, Flo 07674 ( from the names of these mares and it can be deduced they were the producing ranch mares for J.C. Jackson's ranch). Others by Ken Carmen include: Illawana Hawk 7815, Diana Bird 07951, Dixie Ann 07530, Kid Carmen 8797, Kedron King (g), Kedron Nicholas 8724, Oakley 10835, Katy Did 07904, Kay Carma 08187, Kentha 08477, Lenida 08150, Leucille 07898, Lita 08157, Martha Brown 07671, Martha Carmen 07906, Silver Bonnet 07668, Tereska 17803, Ken's Car-A-Mel 11452 ( bred on), Tip Top Topsy 08151, Trixie Carmen 07901.

VARAGRAPH 7758 (full brother to Ken Carmen) chestnut foaled in 1931 was not used as much as stud but sired El Oro Graph 11558 who bred on and Varuna 8109 who also bred on.

MCALLISTER 7896 (Jubilee King x Mrs. Lewis) 1934 chestnut, bred by J.C. Brunk. McAllister's dam Mrs.Lewis was by Charles Reade, a triple registered Morgan known for his extreme speed at the trot. So it is not surprizing that McAllister's line should be known for both style and speed at the trot, with grand get and great grand get being known as famous roadsters. McAllister was sold to Dr. Ina Richter after being used at stud by Thomas Brunk. Interestingly, one of the few gray Morgan lines that has come down to us was one that involved McAllister - that being Frosty Princess by the McAllister son King Mick. Reputedly, Thomas Brunk put himself through school on the race winnings of Frosty Princess ! She was the dam of Frosty's Blue Bonnet who was the dam of Saycrest Frosty Miss. King Mick was perhaps the best known son of McAllister, he was another double Knox Morgan horse. Before getting into the sons and daughters of King Mick, let's look at those sired by McAllister. His get includes: Sandy Boy 8506, Kedron Gates (g), Kedron Knox(g), Kedron Betsey Ross 07000 - the dam of Kedron Cutty Hunk (bred on), Kedron Julia Ward (bred on), Kedron Louisa Alcott, Kedron Cottontail, Kedron Beatrice (bred on), Kedron Red Starlight and Shepherd's Pandora. McAllister also sired Kedron Polly Aubrey 08308, and McDonna 05659 (bred on) . McDonna was bred to her uncle Red Vermont to produce Dina Vermont 011511, dam of Jubilee Rhythm and Delilah Vermont.

KING MICK 8508 (McAllister x Jeanne) Chestnut half brother to the mare Juvina by Jubilee King. King Mick was a horse that made a name for himself despite having suffered a broken leg as a colt. His style and animation were impressive even when he was an old horse. There is no question he passed on speed. The author can attest to the style of his family, even the great grand get have trots that are breathtaking to see. King Mick sired show horses ( Danny De Jarnette), parade horses ( Cinnamon King) working horses ( Mickey Finn) race horses ( Frosty Princess) roadsters (George Gobel) and more. By name they include: the double Knox Morgan Red Clover 9339 x Dennette - a Daisette daughter, Highland Missy 07112, Jean Reade 08221, Justin Jubilee 10160 - another double out of Jubilee Joy who in turn sired Justinson 11261, Justin's Pride 11961 and Larita's Lorrie 01003, Mickey Finn 10387 - who sired a family for Mar-Lo Morgans including Anna-Marie Mar-Lo 09980 ( a noted Roadster mare) who bred on and her sister Jane B. Mar-Lo 010247 who also bred on. King Mick also sired; Lee Bird 07065, Miss Juneaus 07455 out of Junnette, Rainbo Reade 11538 out of Stareda, the Roaster Sonny Akers 12041 out of Patty Lewis, Tim Tam Cotton 12039, Enita 010336, Micky Reades King 10429, Question Mark 09168 out of Madonna, Spook 09266,and Starbeam 010334 out of Jusista.

KATETTE 04798 (Jubilee King x Katie Hughes) foaled in 1932, a chestnut bred by Joseph C. Brunk was another dynastic mare. She gave the breed a daughter named Polly Forrest X-05304 by the ASHR stallion Forrest Whirlwind. In turn Polly Forrest produced Johnny Mac 10593, Congo Melody 07716 by Congo, June Melody 07459 by Flyhawk, Maytime Melody 07984 by Congo, Tas-Tee's Melody Man 112179 by Great Hawk,Reata's Sweet Rhythm12455, Reata's Goddess 09923 by Mango by Congo, Midwest Melody 08934 and Lovely Melody 09181 by the Congo son Trinango 9958. Those last three daughters - all great granddaughters of Jubilee King have put the Black River prefix on the Morgan map. They were all three TRIPLE Knox Morgan mares and when crossed with stallions such as Trophy, and Fleetwing they made Morgan history.

RARETTE 04885 (Jubilee King x Nella) , foaled in 1934 has been mentioned before elsewhere but her dark bay son Pride of King 8514 by King Shenandoah 7898 was a sire who has kept her name coming down to us through his get - Cynthia 07359 x Cinnamon Doll - who was crossed with Congo at least four times; May Blossom 07920 x Madell, Misty Morn 08142 and her full sister Kasey's Countess 09589 x Cinnamon Queen - an Illawana Bess daughter, Duke of Lebanon 11535 (full brother to the previous two mares), Dusky Star 11909, Rusty Ray 11658, Sand man 11894, and Cin Dee 09399.

JUBILEE'S COURAGE 8983 (Jubilee King x Townshend Lass) foaled in 1944 a chestnut bred by Frances H. Bryant was obviously a foal of the later years. His sons became sires of note for farms all across the country from his native Vermont to North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, and California. To list all of his grand get is almost impossible. His sons include : The full brothers - Clement 11852, Courtney 12875, Criterion 13371, Crosby's Courage 12090, and their full sister Cathy Serenity 09518 all out of Lippitt Robrita, Cavendish out of the Jubilee King daughter Paragraph, the mare Circe 08330 out of Belldale, and others of equal quality. Circe produced Hanover Super Charger and Don Again of Hanover - both very well regarded show horses. Clement went to North Carolina with Barbara Cole of October Farm and from there to Tara Farm in Raleigh, NC where he made his name as both a broodmare sire and a show horse of repute. He sired sons as well, the best known among them is Turfwood Royal Flush 20251 out of Tarranne De Boyd - another Knox Morgan descendent. Turfwood Royal Flush foaled in 1969 is still alive and well and at stud in Conyers, Georgia at the farm of Kellie Sharpe. He sired nineteen get, among them the Champion Mare Ponderosa's Replica and the show horses Jazz Flavors and Light Up Atlanta. Some of his get have bred on. Like his sire Clement, Turfwood Royal Flush has sired a preponderence of broodmares. Cathy Serenity has more than made her contribution of breed greats. She is the dam of the full siblings Julie Bennfield 016490 dam of HVK Fieldmarch, Katie Bennfield 013735 dam of Courage of Equinox and the incomparable Bennfield's Ace 15971. All three siblings were by Bennfield 9940. Criterion , 33 years old in 1994 has been the Lambert line foundation stallion of Susan and Shannon Hanley's Quietude Stud in West Virginia. His progeny are almost without number and in addition to the eight or nine breeding sons at Quietude there are many other sons spread all over the country. Including our Editor's own Clarion of Quietude. Cavendish 10200 went west to California with Eve Oakley and was her herd sire. He sired many fine double Knox Morgans for her including Legend of Caven Glo 12490 out of the Jubilee King daughter Jubilee's Gloria (who was a full sister to Jubilee's Courage) and his full sister Caven Glo Rebel Gold 09521, also Caven-Glo Challenger and his full sister Caven Glo Topaz- out of Caven Glo Pandora a daughter of Caven Glo Red Sails out of Jublilee's Gloria. Topaz, and Challenger reside at Quietude currently.

There are many more sons and daughters of Jubilee King who I have not touched on, but it is not myintention to write a book on Jubilee King, on the contrary this is part of a series on Jubilee Kings ancester Knox Morgan and I will continue on with his remaining get of 1917.

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