(AMHA #095096) 1984 14.3h Mare
Owned and ridden by MaryAnn Shafer

Dream's dam, Topfield's Sunrise was my first Morgan and when I left for college, leased her to Kay and the lease agreement was that I got the 1984 foal which was Dream!! I chose Elusiv Dream as her name because that is what she always was to me, an elusive dream to raise and own a Morgan that would be asVersatile as possible. Dream has lived up to her name and then some for me!! Dream came to me when she was weaned and has been with me ever since. She took to driving and still really loves it, esp. Cross Country and CDE's. She has won at Devon, The Laurels CDE, Mid-Hudson CDE, 2nd at Gladstone CDE, Garden State Horse and Pony Society Show and many others. She has been shown since she was a yearling and in fact earned her Bronze Show Medallion from the AMHA Open Comp. Awards in 1989, and by '92 had points towards her medallions in Dressage, Carriage/Combined Driving and Competitive Trail and I guess it was at this point that I made the decision to outright "Go For IT" -- go for the AMHA Sport Horse Award since she stood to become the First Mare to ever achieve it and had only one Division left to tackle--Combined Training. It was this division that had held me back all along from actively saying we would try for the Sport Horse Award. When Dream finished the requirements for the Combined Training Medallion it was also the completion of the requirements for the AMHA Sport Horse Award!! The last Horse Trial that saw us achieve this was on May 13, 1995 and it was a testimony to Dream in itself: During the ShowJumping phase, the final phase of the competition and having gone clean cross country and aced the dressage phase, Dream started on course, over fence #1 when a small herd of deer jumped into the ring in front of us enroute to fence #2 and continued across the ring and over the far rail, Dream never even thought of spooking or quitting, just raised her head, shortened stride to avoid running into the deer, and continued on over the 2nd fence and the remaining fences for a clean round. As we exited the ring a show official remarked, "My God that's one sane mare" And I cheerfully informed him, Of course, she's a Morgan"!!

What else? We almost got stopped cold in our quest for the Sport Horse Award when in January 1993 she came in from pasture on 3 legs and turned out to have fractured off the tip of her coffin bone in the left foreleg. Thanks to great vet and stable management, lots of TLC and prayers, and the constitution of the Morgan breed, she not only recovered from that 100% but had one of her greatest seasons albeit started in mid'year!!

She has served as a breed ambassador and has been the mount for a dear friend, Sue Keenan, who is handicapped and needs a rock steady mount for it takes her up to 15minutes to get on and off via a 4 foot mounting block and once mounted, Sue's mount must be 100% reliable for she has tremendous difficulties with her balance. I have never been prouder of Dream then when she has done this service for Sue!!! In fact, thanks in large part to Dream, Sue purchased her first Morgan last year, a 1997 filly that is by the same stallion Dream was bred to, Antietam On Command, and that is a great partnership in the making and a future tale--re: Sue and Sparkle!!


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