(AMHA #080406) 1981 15.3h+ Mare
Owned by Ina Ish, Longstreet Morgans

Longstreet Cressida was lightly shown as a younger mare both in Breed and Open Competition. She received ribbons for In-hand classes as a two year old at Southern States Regional Morgan Horse Show. Then when she was older she was shown and pinned in Open Combined Training in NC.

Although she hasn't got long and illustrious show records, she has produced one exceptional daughter and has done an extremely good job of breed/Sport promotion in that she has educated and introduced three professional trainers to the Morgan Breed. As a result of working with this mare one of the trainers bought a Morgan colt.. Which she subsequently bred and is today campaigning a son of that Morgan stallion.. Through Cressida's participation in Open Combined Training Clinic in the area , Cressida has introduced many people to the Morgan breed. Of those many people several have become Morgan owners as a result of meeting and admiring Longstreet Cressida.. She is quite literally a traffic stopper and many a day someone has turned into my driveway to ask "What is that Big mare out there?" She has truly done a good job of Sport Morgan Breed promotion.


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