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By Linda Nash


The AMHA Sport Horse Award

To date only 3 horses have attained this highly coveted award.

Blazing the trail for future Morgan Sport Horses was Royalton Ashline


Royalton Ashline was purchased by Clara Hendin from Dana Kelley in 1972 as a four month old colt. For much of his career he was trained and shown by women and amateurs. Clara endeavoured to do something new with him each year. She had already earned one medallion (Bronze for Open Shows) and was headed for a second at the time of the announcement of the AMHA Sport Horse Award. He went on to achieve Medallions in Competetive Trail Rides (1983), Combined Training (1986), Carriage Driving (1986) and Dressage (1986).

His Career Highlights included:

National and Regional Championships

Show achievements:

    AHSA National Reserve Parade Champion
    Three times Regional Parade Champion
    AHSA 6th Place, Morgan Park Saddle

Sport achievements:

AMHA Sport Horse Award 1987 with Bronze Medallions in
Dressage, Open Show Classes, Competetive Trail, Eventing and Carriage

AMHA Open Competetion Placings:
  Eventing: 3 times Reserve Champion, placed 4 times
  Carriage: Reserve Champion, placed 4 times
  Pleasure Driving: placed twice
  Dressage: placed twice
  Competetive Trail: placed once

ECTRA (Eastern Competetive Trail Ride Assoc.) -  Grand Champion, Driving

And State Championships and Reserves


     Open Pleasure Driving
     Morgan English Pleasure
     Morgan English Pleasure Driving
     Road Hack twice
     Morgan Western Pleasure
     Justin Morgan Standard Class
     Vermont Stockhorse Assoc. Adult Western Horse


     Vermont Competetive Trail Ride Assoc.:
           High Point Stallion
           High Point Morgan
     Central Vermont Dressage Assoc. Champion, First Level

Show Championships and Reserves

More than 30, including: In Hand, Adult Equitation, Morgan Park Saddle, Versatility, Open Pleasure Driving, Working Hunter, Parade, High Point, Morgan Western Pleasure, Adult Amateur, Morgan Pleasure Driving, Adult Western, Morgan English Pleasure

Also won:

Run, Ride and Tie; Many trotting races, twice qualified for the Phillips Championship Race.. and more!

Royalton Ashline represented the Morgan breed on many occasions, including Being the only Morgan at the groundbreaking for the permanent home for the AMHA. He represented the Morgan at the Challenge of the Breeds in St. Louis; He participated in many parades, including, as passengers, two Governors of Vermont; He represented the Morgan at many fairs, including leading Parades at the Eastern States Exposition for 3 years; He and his daughter Rohan Ashlyn transported AMHA President Dr. Al Lucine in a Morgan parade from the Burlington Airport to the Radisson Hotel.

At age 19, in 1991, he and his granddaughter Rohan Ithilien won everything they entered:
All five classes and the Multiple Carriage Grand Championship at the New England Morgan Show
Pony Pairs Championship at the Mikasa Driving Event (the only time in his life he was shown as a pony. He stood a hair under 14.2) The Pairs Class at the Lippitt Country Show (four entries)

He died tragically in a collision with a motor vehicle at an event in Maine in September of 1991.

Royalton Ashline

#23744 1972

Royalton Ashbrook Darling   Lippitt Ethan Ash Ashbrook   Croydon Prince
Trilby   Ethan Allen 3rd
Royalton Joan Darling John A Darling   Moro
Hetty Ash   Ashbrook
  Adeline Bundy
Royalton Elnora  Ethan Eldon Vigilant   Welcome
Ethanelda   Sir Ethan Allen
 Lippitt Nora Lippitt Searchlight   Lippitt Sam
  Green Mt. Twilight
Ne Komia   Ashbrook


Royalton Ashline produced 46 Registered Morgan foals
21 colts and 25 fillies ,
Of which all but 7 were Full Lippitts
* denotes a 'Full Lippitt' offspring

027981    1975 M Brown      * ROHAN EMELYN DARLING        ROHAN TASHA DARLING
029133    1976 M Black      * ROHAN ARWEN EVENSTAR        MORO HILL'S EMELYN
029134    1976 M Chestnut   * ROHAN ANGELICA              NABOB'S CHRISTINE
063999    1977 M Bay          ROHAN BELLA DONNA           FOXY'S MELODY MAID
067920    1977 M Chestnut     ICE AND FIRE MISS           HIGH ACRES DEBUTANTE
70332     1978 G Bay          ROHAN ASHFIRE               FOXY'S MELODY MAID
068576    1978 M Black      * ROHAN CAMELLIA              MORO HILL'S EMELYN
73863     1979 G Chestnut   * ROHAN DEOR                  ASHWOOD CELESTE
073864    1979 M Black      * ROHAN ASHLYN                MORO HILL'S EMELYN
076963    1980 M Bay        * CHEBACCO NUTMEG             ROYALTON MARY MARY
078203    1980 M Chestnut   * ROHAN ELANOR                LIPPITT BETHAL
097529    1980 M Chestnut   * COVENANT MISTY MORO         MEREDITH HEATHER
79156     1980 S Bay          ROHAN EOMER ROHAN           DONA FLEETSON
76946     1980 S Bay        * ASHWOOD CRUSADER            ASHWOOD CELESTE
82960     1981 S Bay        * TRILBROOK DARING            ROHAN SWEET ADELINE
92336     1982 G Brown      * ROHAN GIL-GALAD             HIGH PASTURES EUDORA
085532    1982 M Bay        * ROHAN GALENAS               ASHWOOD CELESTE
094259    1982 M Black      * ROHAN GALADRIEL             MORO HILL'S EMELYN
092652    1982 M Chestnut   * ROHAN GILIATH               LIPPITT BETHAL
084496    1982 M Chestnut   * ROHAN GOLDBERRY             ROHAN ATHENA
89556     1983 G Bay        * ASHWOOD SHERMAN             ASHWOOD CELESTE
088822    1983 M Brown        HARWICH MINK                ROYALTON MISSALETTE
105189    1986 G Black      * ROHAN SHADOWFAX             ROHAN FIRIEL
111014    1986 G Chestnut   * TRADITION ASHBROOK          TRADITION CAMEO
104285    1986 G Chestnut   * MERRYHEART SAM ASH          MEREDITH LADY
0106951   1986 M Black      * ROYALTON BARBRA ASH         ROYALTON LIDA ROSE
105090    1986 S Bay        * WEATHERMONT ROY MORO        MEREDITH REBECCA
0110661   1987 M Brown        LARKWOOD JENNY WREN         TAPROOT COLUMBINE
0110662   1987 M Brown        LARKWOOD SONGSPARROW        GAY'S BEAUTY
110814    1987 S Bay        * ROHAN LEGOLAS               ALPINE MISS NEKOMIA
113563    1987 S Bay        * ROHAN LINDIR                MAJOR'S NUBBIN
109598    1987 S Black      * CANTIEGLEN ECLIPSE          ROYALTON ROSALYNN
0117916   1988 M Bl/Dk Chnt * JLB NISHA                   ROHAN FIRIEL
0114739   1988 M Brown      * ROHAN MITHRIL               RANSOMVALE ALRITA
0112197   1988 M Brown      * CANTIEGLEN IDYLL            ROYALTON ROSALYNN
119400    1988 S Chestnut   * MIRA VISTA JEREMY           TRADITION JENNY ASH
117202    1989 G Black      * ROHAN NIMLOTH               ROYALTON ETHNA
0117201   1989 M Chestnut   * ROHAN NENYA                 STILLWATER HOPE
118233    1989 S Bay        * OLDMONT STANTON ASH         RYEGATE MAJORETTE
0121018   1990 M Chestnut   * ROHAN PRIMULA               RANSOMVALE ALRITA
0123288   1991 M Bay        * KIVA ANNABELL               RYEGATE BELL MORO
122174    1991 S Bay        * SWEET MAPLE ROYALSON        ROYALTON BEATRICE
122486    1991 S Bay        * BRAMBLEA ASHWOOD SETH       ROYALTON ETHNA
122439    1991 S Black      * ROHAN RIVENDELL             STILLWATER HOPE
136413    1995 S Brown      * EIBEN'S ASHLINE             WOOD RUN TRILLIUM


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